Download the “AOYO Audioguides” app from the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore.

Our audio guides will accompany you on your next self-drive tour. Just install the AOYO Guide app, it’s very easy to use:

  • The audio guide is GPS-controlled and switches itself on at the right place to provide you with exciting and entertaining information.
  • Start the guide by tapping “start playing automatically”
  • Usable completely offline – after purchase and download within the app, no more internet connection is necessary.
  • You can use the guide as often as you like – unlimited.
  • Audiofiles can be played automatically via GPS or manually.
  • Updates are automatic.

Notes on installation & use:

How to install the audioguide:

1.: Download the app “AOYO Audioguides” in the Google Playstore or in the Apple Appstore

2: Grant permission for AOYO Audioguides to access the device location . The location feature allows the stations to be played at the correct locations. Caution: Some smartphones suppress location services in the background (for example, in power-saving mode). For this, the app should be able to access the location at any time so that no station is missed.

3: Buy your audio guide in the app.

4.: To make the audio guide work offline , you can save it on your smartphone via “download” or the download icon.

How to use the audioguide:

1.: Connect your smartphone to the car stereo via Bluetooth or aux cable. Playback via the smartphone’s speakers or external Bluetooth speakers is also possible.

2.: Use “Start playing automatically” to start the guide. Now the app turns on in the right places. Attention: The GPS function of your smartphone must be switched on for this. Caution: Some smartphones suppress GPS use when the display is off, for example, in energy-saving mode.

3.: You can also manually click on individual stations in the list.

4.: Tap the map icon to enter the map view. There you can see all the stations of the guide and also play them manually.

5: Your already purchased and downloaded guides can be found in the app’s menu or accessed from the home page.