GPS-triggered audio guides for smartphones.

How the App works:

You simply install the app on your smartphone and turn on the location services. Via GPS, the app recognizes where you are on your round trip. Via the vehicle’s speakers, your digital tour guide tells you interesting facts about your destination at the right places – offline and without an Internet connection.

With the AOYO Audioguides you always have your tour guide with you! What tourguides usually do, your smartphone now does: GPS-controlled, the app tells you interesting, entertaining and exciting facts about the country and its people.

Dietmar Schäffer and Thilo Kirsch – long-time tour guides and founders

With the AOYO Guide App, you get all the information you would usually receive from a tourguide. Well supplied with information, nothing stands in the way of your individual round trip.

What information is included in the guide?

Our AOYO audio guides for rental car travel offer much more than a conventional travel guide: Because in addition to facts and background information about places and sights, your guide app tells you exciting and entertaining background information about the country, people, insider tips, geography, history, culture and curiosities and special features.

Discover our digital travel guides for self-drive tourists and try them for free in the app:

342 stations
7.5 hours audio
24,99 €

225 stations
10 hours audio
24,99 €

314 stations
10 hours audio
24,99 €

169 stations
3 hours audio
19,99 €

coming in 2024
700 stations
29,99 €

coming in 2024
300 stations
24,99 €


Norway (Hurtigruten):
7 towns, 72 stations, 80 min: 29,99 €

Funchal (Madeira):
23 stations, 30 min: 9,99 €

Lisbon (Portugal):
29 stations, 50 min, 9,99 €

Malaga (Andalusia, Spain):
24 stations, 40 min, 9,99 €